16 December 2010

Roof joists going on

View from the garden
View from the lane

The shed speeds ahead, with nearly all the wall framing up and the ceiling joists starting to go on. The pitched rafters will be trickier but shouldn't cause much of a problem. It is good to get a feeling for the overall volume of the building at last and the size of the main door. The weather forecast is dire. One of the papers is predicting the worst snow storm in "100 years" tomorrow. On past experience that could mean we will get a thaw and some sunny weather, but who knows. Sadly I can't see the roof being on before that.


  1. Hi Julian, it is looking good. How high are the ceiling joinsts and are you leaving this open? Just wondered how high Daisy Grace sits off the ground for you to be able to get up on deck when it is in the shed. I guess you have to have joists across the shed to keep it rigid and stop the weight of the roof pushing the sides out.

  2. The headroom is about 9ft inside. That should allow me to stand up and hopefully raise the spray hood etc. The trailing height of a BayCruiser with the mast carried horizontal is about 7ft