15 December 2010

Shed frame nearly complete after two days

The basic frame is up, bar the panel to the righ tof the main door. Not bad progress for two cold, short winter's days. The window openings are to be cut out next. I am not planning any heating this year, so no internal insulation or lining, but I may put in a wood burning workshop stove at some stage if I start doing serious projects. I will need to insulate it if that is to be worth while, so that will be a future project.


  1. Hi Julian, What sort of roofing are you putting on and how will the guy do the roof joists? Also I assume it will have doors? I am just thinking this is a very good way of building a shed and at much reduced cost of a pre-fabricated one. I have been looking at some which are between £4k and 9k hence I have not built one yet. Rgds, Andy

  2. It will be a pitched roof with fake slates. Not sure how the joists will be done, I'm leaving it up to him. There will be two side hung wooden doors to the front but no windows to the front to keep out prying eyes. There will be, surprisingly, double glazed uPVC windows and doors on the sides because the builder had some left over from another job!

  3. That's the reason I have a hugely efficient uPVC double glazed window in my non-insulated garage as well.. :o)

    I'm guessing heat is going to be essential if you want to do any glass fibre type work but that shed is coming on in leaps and bounds..