17 December 2010

Snow stops play on the shed

The snow and ice has arrived. The builder has got all the wall frames up, the door surrounds cut out and all the ceiling joists in place. The next stage is the sloping roof rafters, but everything is covered in ice and it is impossible to do any more.

I think it's not bad for four and a half days work when its freezing cold and dark at 4:00pm. Judging by the forecast (imminent arrival of the next Ice Age) I think it unlikely that anything more will be done until after Christmas.

The electrician came and measured up for installing a power supply. Inevitably he said that to comply with current regulations he would have to renew a lot of perfectly good fittings. I dread to think what his quote will be. He said he wouldn't be able to get it to me before Christmas. I told him I didn't want it before Christmas.

After the rafters, the window openings need to be trimmed and then the boarding starts to go on. Everything is here except the roof coverings, so I hope it won't take too long to finish the job. Famous last words.


  1. Very impressed Julian, it is looking great.

    Have a great Christmas and roll on the New Year and some finer weather, I can but hope. This snow was great for a few days but now just a pain...we are now snow bound in deepest Sussex.



  2. Happy Christmas to you to. We are just battening down for the winter now. Although I am supposde to go into work on Monday...

  3. Go on - are you tempted to try out Daisy Grace in the shed just to see how she fits??? :o))

  4. We're under about two feet of snow here! Just walking to the boat is a challenge, let alone moving her! But I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of room. My wife says there is suspiciously too much room for a 20 foot boat... I say I just want room to be able to stand back and admire my paint work.

  5. Ha! :o))

    It's a little known fact that sheds, garages and lofts can never be too big...