14 December 2010

Shed framework going up fast

The builder only started on the shed framework yesterday morning and this was the state this morning. He is working as fast as he can as more dreadful weather is forecast after tomorrow. Can't see the roof being on by then, but who knows? Nearly all the wall frames have been finshed, they just have to be stood up and screwed down. Will Daisy G be undercover before Christmas? It could happen, depending on snow, ice, sleet, wind etc.


  1. Julian Nice blog, we've just bought a Drascombe Coaster to see if small boat pottering suits us, nice to read about your sailing in familiar waters.

    As you can see I write about boating in the Solent, would be nice to feature Daisy Grace when she's back in the water next year.

    I couldn't find and email address for you so hope - if you want to reply my email bursledonblog@googlemail.com and there's a link on my blog.



  2. Hi Max
    Thanks for the kind comments, I'll drop you an email to make contact. We had a great adventure three years ago, sailing my old 16ft Wnkle Brig from Poole to the Elephant Boatyard in Bursledon. I chicken out and hauled the boat out there and towed her back to Poole. Hope to make it back into the Solent next year. I used to sail a Drascombe Dabber too, many years ago