31 December 2010

Thoughts on logbooks

Drumming my fingers waiting for things to get going after the weather improves I have been thinking about my logbook for next year. I always keep one and have posted a few notes about what I record on the Swallowboats forum

I print my onw logpages and keep them in a very thin very old four ring binder (one I originally used for my formula 1 car designs back when Jochen Rindt was my hero. That was a VERY long tome ago). The binder fits into my chart holder, along with a ToughChart collection, so I can reach it from the cockpit. I just record where I have gone, how long it took and how far it was. I used to keep more detail, but decided that was for offshore sailors, which isn't me. On the left is a page from 2010's log showing how it is set out.

In 2011 I am going to try it in the landscape format below, to see if I can get more notes in as that is the most interesting part.


  1. Not so much detail, but basically I use my blog as my ships log... the best part is the GPS track which is far more detailed than anything I could write down at the time....

  2. PS. Happy New Year! Here's to fair winds, following tides, and sunny days in 2011...

  3. True, I started this blog as a log with photos. How do you capture your GPS track? I've got a Garmin 72 but no data cable.
    Happy new year th you too.