6 February 2013

Canoe frame largely complete (1 1/2hrs)

I have fitted the thwart and the side stiffeners. The latter are there to strengthen the areas you lean on when getting in and out, and they seem quite effective. All the bits are glued and nailed in place. I still need to bind the gunwales to the frames with twine, which will probably take an hour or more as it is quite fiddly and can't be speeded up. But the internal wood work is now pretty well complete. There are rubbing strips to fit after the skin is on and cured, but that is a way in the future yet.  I am pleased with the lines. She looks straight and symmetrical, which is the important bit, and the rocker on the keel looks right. Too flat and she would be hard to steer. I had a go in a flat one last June and it was almost impossible to turn it round without masses of back paddling, which not surprisingly slows you down somewhat. They are fast boats because they are so light, so you want to be able to turn quickly as well to get the full benefit.

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