6 February 2013

Gunwales complete and canoe upright (1 hr)

Finally glued and nailed the stern ends of the gunwales after a long tussle with a bunged up and blocked caulking gun. It looks like a canoe now and I am quite pleased with the lines. I can see a slight droop in the ends, but only because I think there is one there. The gunwales need to be bound and a thwart and side stiffeners fitted, but after that it is ready for the linen covering.

Fitted a new tiller extension to Daisy G. The one I mad last year would not bend down below the horizontal, which made it uncomfortable to use. I have replaced it with a Harken one with a flexible universal joint, and that bends down just nicely. A longer extension would be nice, but wouldn't fit on top of the tiller. Even extendible ones were too long when collapsed.

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