17 February 2013

Testing the canoe's skin

I have a small test piece of the covering linen which I have tried pulling across part of the hull. It touches all of the stringers neatly and lies smoothly. It is very easy to pull it out of shape, so it will need to be handled carefully.

nearly finished painting the cockpit in Daisy G. Just need to paint the floor, and then all the painting left will be the exterior of the hull.


  1. hi could you please tell me what was the little blue sailing dingy that you had stood up in the corner of your boat house a couple of years ago called

  2. I had a red dinghy which was an Ian Proctor designed Blue Peter. An 8ft fibre glass general purpose dinghy. I bought it around 1986 and sold it last year. It was my very first boat and I was sad to see it go, but I hadn't had it in the water for years.

  3. yes thats the one. i have been following your blog for the past few years now and really enjoy reading about your progress. keep up the good work :) i know nothing about sailing but always been interested in it hence i asked about the Blue peter as i read all about the work you did on it early last year i think if not longer

    thanks alan