19 September 2011

Dinghy being painted

The dinghy is basically built, although I need to add a handle of some sort on the stem for moving her around with. First primer coat applied. She will be green, like Daisy G. because I have have a full tin of that colour. Painting the inside will be more complicated and I am planning to varnish the trim.

Spent yesterday at the Southampton Boat show and saw the BayCruiser 23, the BayRaider Expedition (big cockpit, tiny cabin) and the BayRaider 17. The latter is beautiful, but I don't really go for the other two. 23 feet doesn't seem to give you much over 20 feet apart from increased difficulties in launching/recovery. The Expedition would almost certainly need a cockpit tent to make it really usable, and you can fit one easily to the open BayRaider. It will be interesting to see how they all sell. The BayCruiser 23 is proving popular with families.

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