28 September 2011

Just a short test



Nothing special here, but I am just testing out a new way of posting to this blog from Windows live. Anything to make it easier. Daisy G. sits demasted in the hottest week of the year and on Sunday I shall no doubt be stuck in a Bournemouth traffic jamb trying to get her home in the heat.


  1. You do seem to be in a rush to end your sailing season...! On Sunday, with a bit of luck, I shall be out on the boat enjoying the sun and the breeze... :o))

  2. Just the way things pan out. I only have the mooring until the end of September and with the distance I have to drive to get home, the early sunsets become a problem. I'm also itching to get stuck into modifications and repairs. The thing I am dreading is that all the world and his doc will be on the road around the south coast this weekend. I'm hoping to get started back home around lunchtime because any later and I'll be struck in teh mother of all traffic jams all eveneing.