4 September 2011

Slight change of viewpoint...

My son bought me a trial gliding lesson for my birthday, and today was the day. Great fun, although the cable launch is a bit stomach turning. Views absolutely wonderful, and we flew right over our house. In many ways like sailing, you are looking for the wind all the time, but in this case vertical wind rather than horizontal. I would recommend it, but I don't think I could manage gliding and sailing. Mind you, the gliding club is only 10 minutes away, not two and a half hours.

Dinghy deck half glued on. Can't do it all at once as I don't have enough clamps. I am also building two buoyancy chambers under the seat, which will be filled with expanded polystyrene eventually.


  1. I had a Glider trial flight on Thursday from Aston Down near Stroud! I thoroughly enjoyed it and flew the whole circuit other than the take-off and landing!

    Today I've been doing a few mods to the boat - hope to get to Poole 23rd September.

  2. Sounds like we are parallelling each other. I drive past Aston Down every day on the way to work, so it was great fun to finally see what it was like from above. I shall probably be hauling my boat out form Poole around the end of the month. Do you keep yours down there?