2 September 2011

Bulkheads glued in

I have glued in the forward bulkheads and fitted the access hatch through one side. The sides around the mast support are tacked in with epoxy, but they still need to be fully filleted to make them water tight. They need to be as this is a buoyancy tank. Before I put a deck over it all I need to epoxy the inside of the tank and fit the towing eye permanently. That will be much easier before the lid goes on. I want to built more buoyancy under the seat, but I will need to finish the outside first before I do that.

Update: All panels around the mast slot now filleted and I have covered the inside of the locker with epoxy. Next the bow eye needs to be bedded in sealant and I need to devise a decking system of some sort. My initial idea won't work and I have wasted a bit of wood in the process unfortunately.

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