6 March 2013

Final bits getting done before the new season

The outboard is off being serviced. This time I remembered to take the remote tank and hose, at the mechanics recommendation. I have never thought that fuel flowed properly so maybe they can clear that up. The hull painting is finished but needs a few bits touching up. I'll do that after the boot top anti fouling is finished. I put on the first coat this evening. Horrible smell. I think some of the hull green might come off with the masking tape, hence my delay in touching up.

I have finally installed a rubbish bag holder. I have meant to get one for ages. It is surprising how much rubbish is generated on board if you are cooking. You can see who my main supplier is.

I have treated myself to an Origo alcohol stove. Not cheap, but I have had concerns with using the little picnic gas stoves. I am uneasy with gas on board, and they sometimes seem to leak when you put a new cylinder in. They also barely work in cold weather. Some cold mornings I have had to take the gas bottle into my sleeping bag before I can brew the essential get me up cup of tea.

I boiled a kettle of water on it, and it certainly works. Uncanny because it is completely silent. Took just over five minutes to boil the kettle, which is not bad. You need really long matches to light it. No spark ignition and a standard match just doesn't reach.

And what a kettle! Another new season treat. A folding kettle. It really works, takes up little room and can be packed away, which my old kettle never could. It also pours very well, which is a treat. But not very big, just over a litre.

Life jackets stayed inflated over 24 hours, so I have rearmed them. No need for new ones this year, which I had feared.

I have discovered that Waitrose sell single portion bottles of wine. I have never carried wine before because I never want more than a glass full, and a whole bottle would be largely wasted. Now I have a choice of wine or beer. Luxury afloat indeed.


  1. Screw top wine bottles not reached your hemisphere then? I was thinking just in case someone dropped by unexpectedly ;)

  2. I drink so little wine that even with a screw top it will go off before I finish it. So there is likley to be a couple of small bottles spare any time anyone drops in. That is wha they are there for!

  3. I also use an Origo stove on my shilling. It was supplied by the boat builder as reckoned he needed to be CORGI registered to provide even a portable calor stove. I find it works well with Meths, but does generate water vapour and quite strong fumes in an enclosed space. I light it with a long thin piezo-electrically ignited butane gas fire lighter. Like you, I discovered the joys of small bottles of wine - they stow easier and stop me drinking so much..........