11 June 2014

All panels for dinghy cut ,and it looks like it might be a sailing weekend at last

I have cut out all of the marine ply panels for my new dinghy. Cut the templates in cheap ply, which I found I could cut quite accurately with a jig saw. Then nailed the templates to a double layer of 6mm marine ply, cut out around the templates with the jigsaw and then finished off with a bearing guided router cuter. All remarkably easy.The beauty id that I could use the templates to cut out another dinghy in just a couple of hours now. I need to look after them.

The panels need to be sealed with epoxy and then stitched together with cable ties, which will take an awful lot of hole drilling. I probably need to get a few spare drill bits as I am bound to break them. I am going to use cable ties rather than copper wires. That is how Daisy G was built, so it is good enough for me.

This shows all the panels, seen form the stern. Just need to stitch them together now...
Weather looks like it might be good this weekend so hope to get back out on the water at last.

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