18 June 2014

Gluing the hull of the dinghy.

Started gluing up the dinghy, doing the transoms first. It does use a lot of epoxy, I shall need to order more. I am using MAS epoxy, which is easier than WEST epoxy as the ratio of hardener to resin is just 1:2 rather than 1:5 and so easier to get right. I am doing it by weight, with simple electronic scales. The resin bottles do have little measuring devices, but they are not easy to fill.

I am covering each filleted joint with nylon peel ply, with the hops that it will give me a smooth, low sanding finish. All will be revealed soon.


  1. It wouldn't bother me, but don't the cable ties cause a "bump" in the coverage of the tape??

  2. I little. I think I should have made a deeper fillet, but that would have doubled the amount of the epoxy. I think by the time it is all painted they won't signify much.

  3. I guess I should wait as I'll probably find out... but I'm guessing once you've glassed all the edges inside the boat, you'll trim off the cable ties on the outside before glassing over?