5 June 2014

New tools

I've invested in  Tormek T3 tool sharpening system. I have tried just about every other method of chisel and plane sharpening and I'm rubbish at all of them. Traditional stones just take too long and I always end up with edges skewiff or rounded over. I bought a machine from Rutlands which had a horizontal wheel of sandpaper, which was idiot proof and guaranteed to give a perfect edge and not over heat the tool. It does overheat, it won't hold an bench plane blade and the paper wears out faster than the edge can be ground. As my Dad said "some idiots are more proof than others". I've avoided Tormek because, surprise, surprise, it is expensive. There's usually a reason.

I've set it up, which was very straight forward. I've reground and honed one chisel so far and it looks just fine. It's quiet and there are no sparks as it is a water stone. I should have got it years ago when they were a bit cheaper (but then I was a bit poorer then)

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