16 June 2014

Weekend sail, two nights on board and 28.3nm

The weather wasn't as great as forecast for the last weekend, but Saturday was warm and the sun did come through. One of those frustrating days when a cloud seemed stuck over the harbour, whilst it was sunny elsewhere. The engine was running very smoothly now, so I think earlier misfiring and stalling was due to old fuel. I must remember to get rid of all old fuel at the end of the season and not keep it over winter.

No major sails as I had a worrying breakage. The downhaul line for the rudder blade snapped. It was chafed right through. It looks like I hadn't rerouted it correctly around the roller when I replaced the lines over the winter. I managed to tie on a spare length of line and get it working, but I didn't want to go far afield with a dodge downhaul. I am going to have to replace the up and down hauls with thinner dyneema, so that they can actually fit properly around the roller, but that will take some time to do, as the lines will have to be drilled out and then epoxied back into place. A warm calm day needed for that as I will have to unship the rudder blade.

One curious instance was when I did sail out of the harbour for a short sail to Studland beach. I was sailing with the tide, and the wind was just strong enough to push me at about the same speed as the tide. This meant I had no control over the boat at all. No steerage way as I was apparently stationary in the water. Not pleasant as I got too close to the training wall. in the harbour mouth. In the end I just had to turn and sail against the tide, which gave me back control.

Very strong tides this weekend, and a two man dinghy was swept against and under the chain ferry. One crew pulled onto the ferry, and one picked up by another boat. Several lifeboats in attendance. Must be a terrifying experience. I always give the ferry a huge clearance.

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