31 August 2011

Forward locker coming on

I have started boxing out a small locker in the bow. Partly for buoyancy but mainly just for the heck of it. I am going to board the mini-deck over the top and varnish it. The rest of the boat needs to be painted.

I have also bored a hole through the stem, fitted a solid backing block and inserted an old eye-bolt I had left over from my Winkle Brig, which had two towing eyes for some reason. I have fitted it low so that the bow lifts when the dinghy is towed. The mast box needs to be sealed off from the locker so that it is water tight.

I have an air tight locker cover which is a spare from Daisy G. which I shall fit on the starboard side to give access to the locker for inspection and maybe a bit of storage.

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