1 April 2013

2013 season started!

Launched Daisy G today at Poole Baiter slipway. Freezing cold and I was the only one there when I arrived. Took an hour to rig the boat fully, which included threading various ropes and cutting some new ones to length. With everything rigged I think it could be done realistically in half an hour. A jet skier was my Good Samaritan. He turned up to launch just when I was ready. He asked if he could help, and as he was in full cold weather wet suit I asked if he could hold the boat after I launched it, whilst I put the trailer back in the car park. He did and it was wonderful. I just had to climb in with wellies and start the engine and motor over to my marina. A real help. I might forgive other jet skiers for that one.

Filled all the ballast tanks and the water tank. Adjusted various ropes and then left her on a pontoon for the marina staff to take her out to her mooring. I am amongst the first boats down. Only about half a dozen out on the moorings. All the rest are still chocked up in the car park. A sunny afternoon but so cold. No holiday crowds at all.

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