2 April 2013

Time to get afloat again

From this...

To this in 1hr 15minutes. And that included motoring across Parkstone Bay and circling around the marina for a while looking for a clear space to moor up to. I ended up on the fuel pontoon in the end as they are still working on most of the finger pontoons and the main pontoon was full of BIG boats.
Interestingly the time is taken up with myriad little things, like getting out and hanging the fenders, stowing away the sail ties, fixing the wretched wheel clamp on the trailer, walking behind the boat to eye up the mast for verticality, loading up all the loose bits in the car and getting your boots on, etc. Raising the mast, which is the thing we all seem to worry about, took less than five minutes, and most of them were spent unhooking a shroud from a cleat that it caught round. The beauty of the carbon fibre mast is that even a wimp like me can just heave it up vertical and hold it against the shrouds whilst the jib halyard is tightened up to hold it all in place.

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