28 April 2013

Canoe fabric resined (3 1/2 hours)

I have finally applied the linseed oil resin to the fabric of the canoe. A slow process and hard on the back, as you are leaning slightly over the boat all the time. First hardener has to be stirred into the  resin, which is difficult as the hardener is very viscous. Warming it in a hot water bath helped. This activated resin is then painted along all of the hull stringers to stick the fabric to the wood. Very tedious.

Next, the whole of the fabric is painted with unhardened resin. This goes on faster, but still a long process. You have to be careful not to over brush. That stretches the fabric and felts it slightly. Eventually it is all covered and dark brown. I now need a couple of hours of sunlight to stand it outside so the UV can work its curing wonders (I hope) Sadly it is cloudy and windy, so that will have to wait.

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