21 April 2013

Sailing at last (28.8nm)

Finally had a good sunny day, although it was still cold. Everything basically works well, although the mainsail is a bit sticky to raise. I have bought a can of silicone lubricant to tackle that next time. Sailed around the islands in the harbour, then sailed and motored up to Wareham. The quayside was chock a block which is not surprising, on the first sunny weekend of spring. The motor is not running at low speed well. Various cuttings out resulted in me banging into someone's bow, which didn't do him any harm but has left me with a dinge. Anchored off Shipstal Point, a pretty spot, with birds and a fox on shore. Absolutely still at night, without a sound from the boat all night. Sunday started quiet and sunny, but the wind got up and and the sun went down, so I went back to my mooring.

The outboard well blanking plate works, but is quite hard to get in. It floats, which makes it quite hard to push into place. It is needed. With the well open, there is a huge sloshing about of water. It seems to take about half a knot off the speed if open. Space is very tight to get it in and out. I shall use it this season and decide whether to continue with it next year, or go back to the flaps.

The alcohol stove works remarkably well, and most importantly works well when really cold. The little gas stove barely worked on a cold morning. I had to warm the gas cylindres in my sleeping bag. The problem with the alcohol stove is it is completely quiet, so it is easy to forget that it is on. It heats the pot holder to red heat, so it needs to be treated with respect.

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