14 February 2011

Gradually fitting out the workshop

All the boats are in and there is barely room to move now. Bit of an exaggeration, but as always, you wonder where you kept it all before. The first photo shows Daisy G with her spars stored up on the wall on brackets. (The mizzen is temporarily propped up on the  cabin to help me size up a boom gallows. Next project.) The height of the roof means I can stand up in the cockpit without crouching. I have moved our bikes in as well and they really get in the way. But then, come the summer and when we want them, the boat will be elsewhere.

The Blue Peter stands on her transom in the far corner. I spent all winter rebuilding her two years ago but she has yet to touch the water and a lot of her paint is flaking off already. The problem is that she is so heavy she really won't do as a tender. Maybe I should finally sell her. But I have had her for the best part of 25 years, she was my very first boat.

My workshop corner is getting filled up but I am not sure on the best arrangement at all. I am already thinking I have got the power sockets in the wrong place. I need about two weeks clear to sort everything out. I don't have two weeks clear. I expect it will stay as a muddle for quite a while.

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  1. Hi Julian, thanks for the pics of the interior. Takes time to work out where you want to store tools etc. I am still trying to organise myself after 5 years here! I am going to get some pegboard, only about £10 for an 8x4 sheet then you can get the hangers on Ebay for very little. Cheaper than slatboard and other systems sold for garages. You can spend more than re-fitting a kitchen! Anyway, looking good.