6 February 2011

Stocking up at the Boat Jumble

I spent the morning at the West Midlands Boat jumble at the Three Counties Showground. I was surprised that there were far fewer private sellers than last year. I sold some of my old stuff then and there were the best part of 20 private sellers. This year there can't have been more than three or four. Some of the big dealers, like Jimmy Green Marine, were not there either. But it was busy. I managed to find a tin of International Toplac Donegal Green for just £3 (nearly £20 retail) because it was bent and dirty. Hopefully the paint is just as green. They had two tins. Don't know why I didn't offer £5 for both.

I also found a slider to fit my length of Barton track that I am going to fit to the clew end of the boom. Sadly the dealer saw me check that it fitted the track that I had brought. If he hadn't I'm sure I would have got it for £1 rather than £2. But they are £13 in the chandlers, so all in all I did OK. I have also got the fittings for a very cunning sail stowing system I am devising. We shall see if it works. There are always several stalls where you can stock up on stainless steel nuts, bolts, screws and U-bolts. I bought two of the latter to use for safety line points in the cockpit, which are lacking.

In the afternoon I spent several hours just trying to stow things away in the shed. Making progress. The arrangement of roof joists makes it possible to store really long things up in the roof space, so I have got the Blue Peter mast and my old, spruce Winkle Brig mast up there, along with my disappointing yuloh, which I may have another go with. I have also got some heavy duty shelving up, which was saved from a skip at my wife's practice, so it is rapidly coming on. It is a delight just to leave the boat open and tools out. Saves so much time. I don't even have to put the folding steps away. Just lock the door and leave them all there.

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