9 February 2011

She fits outside, just

Parked outside for the electrician
I wheeled her out this morning and managed to just swing her round to fit in the space between the wall and the shed. Good to know that she does fit in here, but no way to raise the mast. The telephone wire overhead and the trees behind make that a no goer. If I want to raise the mast I'll have to tow her out onto the grass verge. which I probably will do just before I take her back down to Poole.
I have also rearranged some of this blog, so that the basic pages about the boat and where I have sailed her are fixed and can be opened from links above.

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  1. Hi Julian,

    Just to say I have really enjoyed seeing your shed rise from the concrete base and it looks fabulous. Very envious but do send some pics of your workspace as you build it and some pice of the inside with the boat in so I can see the rafters etc. Better still a short video tour of the shed. Best regards, Andy