5 February 2011

Mission accomplished, Daisy Grace in her new boat house

The builder finished the shed yesterday. The electrics have still to go in, but that doesn't stop me putting Daisy G into it. I am very pleased with the building. Probably overbuilt for what is needed, but none the worse for that. The horizontal boarding to the big doors works very well. All bolts are internal so it is about as secure as it can be. The doors are framed and braced and then backed with 1/2 inch plywood, so they are really solid.

Daisy G fits inside with a comfortable amount of room to spare at each end and around the sides. I will also be able to fit in my old Blue Peter dinghy, which is currently under leaves at the bottom of the garden. It will be nice to have my latest boat and my very first one together. I've only got two boats at the moment (not counting my inflatable dinghy). I got up to four once, which was probably excessive. But can you have too many boats? I have plans to build another one sometime soon. But immediate plans are to tidy up the enormous pile of stuff I have moved up here from our old cow shed and which is just piled up on the floor. Tomorrow I am off to the West Midlands Boat Jumble to add to the collection. Then it will be putting up shelves, making benches etc. whilst trying to finish off jobs on the boat. At least I don't care if it rains anymore.


  1. four boats is hardly excessive, at last count with the garage doors open I could count 7 from our front gates, but even that is a small collection compared to Phil locally who's up to 16 - I think that's a good number to aspire to - at least that's what I tell my wife!!

  2. Hideously envious of that shed... spent the afternoon on Papillon doing work, and almost got blown off the boat twice - and not forgetting that wind blown drizzle... :o)