18 February 2011

Various uses of a flat fender

I have got four Plastimo flat fenders on board. They are wonderful; as fenders, but also very useful cushions in the cockpit. To address a couple of minor issues, I have mad some very simple additions. First a solid board, with small rebates on the bottom, to act as a bridge deck below the companion way.

With a fender on top this makes the most comfortable seat on the boat. When sailing the crew can sit here with her feet in the cabin, fully sheltered from the elements. In harbour, if you put the lower washboard in to lean back on, it is a great lounging position in the cockpit. When I am cooking, I sit inside on the cabin table and have the cooker outside, on the fender and under the  spray hood.

The fenders also give just that bit more forward visibility over the cabin top when used as side deck cushions. One problem I have had doing this is that when you tack, the leeward cushion slides under the side deck, so that when you tack again, you have to fiddle about pulling it back out. I have fitted two low ogee trims on each bench which I hope will just stop the cushions sliding back, without getting in the way too much. Only sailing will tell if they really work.

The boat is filthy with dirt, leaves and sawdust. I shall have to carry out a thorough clean before I can paint anything.


  1. I have a step in that position just under the companionway - no idea why - the boat is so small there can't possibly be any need for one... but when on the mooring, and as you say the bottom washboard in, and the sun shining, it's just the best seat for a beer and a cigar.. :o)

  2. Comfort at anchor and in harbour is about the most important comfort!