23 January 2011

Internal bulkhead completed

It has been a relatively dry weekend, so I have managed to get a few jobs done in the boat herself.
I have finally completed the semi-bulkhead by the galley. It looked a bit grim at first, but now I have fixed all of my junk to it and stained the hardwood trim it looks much better. This view shows how it looks from the cockpit. Now I can see my clock and other instruments and, most importantly, the whiteboard on which I scrawl the day's tidal details. It is just a white glazed ceramic tile, stuck up with Velcro. It wipes absolutely clean, however long the ink is left on it. Far better than any plastic whiteboard I have seen.

This second view shows how it subdivides the cabin. In a curious way it makes the inside seem bigger. I think I shall move the map to somewhere else. It all looks a bit crowded. I have moved my chart-tool holder to the bulkhead where it is  more out of the way, but actually easier to get at. I've shaped the top of my pink lady's picture to fit the curve of the cabin ceiling, so she fits in better.
I've started work on the cabin table, but I still need more screws to finish it off. I've also fitted a little hardwood strip over the bottom edge of the companion way, which gets a lot of wear.


  1. Looks good - a bit of clutter always make a place look more homely... :o))

    What kind of paint did you use for the bulkhead?? I have an inside paint job coming up on Papillon and am beginning to think about what I might use...

  2. Inside it is just Dulux Weathershield. It is what Swallow boats used originally and it seems to work perfectly well. It is nice to use because it is waterbased, which makes cleaning the brushes easy, always a problem for me. The bare wood is stained with Sikkens Filter 7, teak colour. Again this is what Swallos used origillay. Not shiny but I like the look.

  3. Hi Julian, I really like the new bulkhead and it all looks very workmanlike.

    Just out of interest there was an article not long ago in one of the yachting mags about using water based exterior paint on the inside of boats and I have been using it on my Alacrity. No smell and brushes wash out easily. Also gives a nice finish and easy to touch up. I have been using Sadolin Woodsheild exterior wood stain. It was recommended and so far looks good and easy to apply. Covering dark colours takes a few coats but other than that good results. When I finally get to updating my blog I will show some pics. I used Dulux Weathershield on an old 50' fishing boat I had, mixed topcoat 50:50 with varnish gave a lovely finish. Not as hard as enamel but a lot cheaper. Rgds, Andy

  4. I hadn't heard of mixing varnish and paint. On the outside of my cabin I use International toplac mixed 50:50 with their matting agent. This just dulls the surface which looks much nicer than shiny glossy. The hull is high gloss. I saw a beautifully built epoxy-ply boat over the summer, Andrew Wolstenholme's "Kite", which has a high gloss ivory coloured cabin. The finish is outstanding, but it is so shiny it looks like plastic. Slightly dulled and it looks like wood.

  5. The bulkhead looks great.
    Is velcro really up to the job of holding that tile on?
    I'd hate it to go walk about in a sea way. Those sharp corners are bound to find something juicy to embed themselves in!