29 January 2011

Small jobs, but hard to do much in the cold

I have tidied up the pictures on the bulkhead, which looks a bit more sensible. #What you can't read on this photo is the cabin thermometre, which is reading -3C. It is really cold. Very dry though, which is something. I have carried out a few small jobs, but can't do anything involving paint or glue at these temperatures.

I have fitted a bracket to the outside of the lower washboard. This gives me somewhere to hang the instruments panels when it is raining. If I just have the companionway open, the rain pours in. Fortunately I haven't yet had to to sail in the rain, but it is bound to happen sooner rather than later.

I have cut and shaped two softwood mouldings to fit on the side benches. On the starboard side it will go just on the hinge line of the locker lid. These are meant to stop the flat fenders that I sit on when sailing sliding away under the side deck when tacking. The only problem I have sailing Daisy Grace is that the cabin top is just a bit high to see over easily. But I love the space it gives in the cabin. These strips will need to be epoxied in place, but not at -3. Another job for when it warms up.


  1. Like you I'm waiting for some warmer weather for epoxying as well.. never done it before, know it needs to be warmer, but what's your experience on what you can get away with temperature'wise???

  2. I've done some non-critical epoxying when it has been quite cold. Maybe 2C or less. I just left it a long time and it seemed to go off OK. I think you have to resist the urge to add a bit more hardener. It doesn't help, it just gets the ratio wrong. I think a real problem can be that if it is very cold, you will have some condensation on the thing you are glueing, so the glue never gets into it properly. Certainly, it is all a bit easier if the temperature is warmer. Wear thin throw away rubber gloves. The stuff gets everywhere.

  3. Thanks Julian... going to leave it as last as I can - beginning of March I suspect.... if it's still not warm enough then I'll deploy my secret weapon.... a Tesco's blue stripe fan heater.. :o))