30 January 2011

Sorting out ropes and painting in the cabin

It is really cold, but a sunny day so I've been carrying out some real winter maintenance. I got all the running rigging and washed it in the machine. With a good dollop of fabric conditioner, they come out really soft. I have a problem with the inner core of several braided ropes either sticking out beyond the cover, or poking out of the side between cover strands. I don't know if it is a common problem with braided ropes. Mine are all made by English Braids. In any case, I have recut and resealed the ends with a hot knife. I have replaced the jib halyard with a slightly thinner, longer rope which I think I can yank taughter with a handy billy. I will use the halyard as the main sheet, which I think is a bit too thick for the blocks. I'll see how it works in practice.
After that I started to paint the inside of the cabin. Most of it done except down in the bow and the quarter berth, where I will have to wriggle around head first to reach anything.


  1. Apologies for the questions you seem to be about a week (or more) ahead of me doing exactly the same jobs.. what paint are you using?? Pukka two pack marine types, or standard Dulux (albeit not the water based ones)??

  2. Inside it is just Dulux Weathershield water based exterior paint which seems absolutely fine in the cabin. Outside it will be Internaitonal Toplac. Not two pack stuff. My painitng is poor so it would be wasted. I use a roller, which seems to give a pretty good finish. I am going to use a white boot top antifoul this year. The original boot top is just plain white enmell and it grows weed terribly fast if it gets wet. The Coppercoat antifoul below the waterline is fantastic. Just slime at the end of the sason and nothing else. I would really recommend it, but it is expensive as a retrofit as you have to strip down to bare wood/GRP and apply a full epoxy coat first. As My boat is epoxy ply, they could just slap it straight on when they were building her. It is supposed to be good for 10 years.

  3. PS I have to be ahead. We are going away on holiday for three weks in the middle of March, which is only about 6 weeks off. I want everything done by then.