29 January 2011

Nearly there

The roof is slated except for the ridges. The ridge tiles are due on next week. The windows and doors are glazed (but did I really need double glazing?). Gutters and down pipes on. Just the doors to make and hang and then I should be in. But it is freezing cold again. The pond is hard frozen. I suppose it still is January, but I wish it wasn't. The doors will have horizontal boarding in the end. The builder convonced me it will be more weather tight that way as the boards are lapped. I'm going to fit a rain water butt round the back so that I have some water on hand for scrubbing down and washing things with. Other than that, just electricity by way of services.

1 comment:

  1. Looking really good,

    I can hear mumblings of complaint from the boats we left outside under tarps -