3 January 2011

Shed advances

Amazingly, despite it being a Bank holiday here, my builders turned up to carry on working. I suspect they had got bored at home. They put the rafters on for about quarter of the roof and then it started snowing again. I am really fed up with this weather.

I got into the boat yesterday for the first time for a fortnight. Managed to fit in the filler panel between the bulkhead and the compression post, but it still needs final trimming and a top coat of paint. Not much chance of doing that in the immediate future.

I had a set of wood carving chisels for Christmas, to support a skill I totally lack. I have started carving a small figure to fit in the cabin below the Ganesha statue, but it will depend on how well it goes if she is to go up there. It is meant to be high art, but my wife says it just looks like another naked lady. Same thing in my book.

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