31 January 2011

One of the big reasons we love the Swallowboats range

This video of capsize testing of a Bayraider by Denman Marine in Australia, (which they build in Tasmania under licence to Swallowboats) shows just what makes these boats special. The Baycruiser carries 400kg of ballast water and has the additional buoyancy of the cabin with a foam core ceiling. They just don't fall over in the water. If they are pushed over, they just bob up.


  1. Very impressive design. I just wonder about the price?

  2. Sadly, it's the old adage, you get what you pay for. The fibreglass version is cheaper, but the epoxy ply is lighter, so easier to tow, launch and recover. They even do it in carbon fibre reinforced epoxy, which at least makes the others seem cheap! Epoxy ply is still lighter I think.