15 August 2011

Another couple of steps on the new dinghy transom

I cut out the inner transom in 9mm plywood in the evening after we got back from sailing. The double edged Japanese saw was flexible enough to follow the curve of the top edge beautifully.

I want the inner transom to have large cutouts in it to reduce its weight. I sized the retained edges and central strip to allow my Honda outboard to be clamped to it. Then I used a 45mm hole saw to drill out the radiused corners of the cutouts.

Four of these hole were taken right through the outer transom so I can have two handholds. Two pairs of holes were joined to create hand slots for lifting the back. A Japanese saw again was perfect for cutting out the waste between the holes. Only the tip of the blade could be used to start the cuts, but because you are pulling the saw, it cuts very easily. Now I just need to cut out the waste form the inner transom, glue the two transoms together and then find a use for 14, 45mm diameter plywood disks...

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