8 August 2011

Boat building urges

I had planned to build myself a little "Peanut pram" this winter, but I think I have found an even better one, Hannu Vartiala's Portuguese style dinghy.
Hannu in a Portuguese Dinghy
It is pointed at the front, which is nice, and it does look as easy to build as a boat can be. I have just ordered bog standard builder's plywood for the hull (5.5mm for the sides, 9mm for the bottom and transom) and I have some cut price timber from the "Focus" closing down sale.. So this will be cheap. Longevity will be interesting. I know I "should" be using marine ply, but it is so expensive I will give it a by for the first build. A good thick layer of paint should help it survive a season at least.

The plan is to build her over the winter, but I can't see me waiting that long...

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