28 August 2011

Fitting the mast support structure

Just about a year since my shed started in earnest and it is starting to blend in. Plants growing up it and the trees in leaf hide the bulk from the house. Good thing too. The main comment form most visitors is "My God it's huge!"

I have fitted the inwales to the dinghy and the longitudinal seat, which is all looking quite good. The seat allows you to adjust the rowing position if there is more than one person on board. A neat idea.

Now I am working on the mast support. This looks good clamped but is covered in a mess of epoxy at the moment which I hope I can get tidied up when it has set. I am having to make all of this up as I go along as the boat plans don't cover installing a mast at all. This is real woodworking, Compound mitres and curved tops to the beam. Fingers crossed that it all stays in place over night as the glue sets.

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