26 August 2011

Basic hull more or less "complete" for about £75 in materials and 25 hours of work

She looks like a boat and I am very chuffed with her. Second gunwale now firmly glued in place and I am just fitting inwales, which are not part of the original plan, but I think they will make her stronger and give a better base for the rowlocks. More strengthening needed on the transom for an engine but the rudder of my Blue Peter Dinghy will fit on without any problem.

The outside seams still need taping but apart from that, and an awful lot of finishing, tidying and painting, this is the built boat. About two weeks of very simple evening work, I would say about 25 hours maximum to this stage. Total cost of cheap plywood and softwood about £35. Epoxy and fillers about £40. Yes the glue costs more than the wood, but not if I was using marine ply. Mind you, this isn't MY finished boat, as I want to fit a mast support, towing eye and probably a skeg, possibly with a wheel built into it. Another couple of weeks at least for all of that I should think, and then an age painting her.

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