18 August 2011

Stem glued and knees more or less cut

I have glued the stem of my dinghy, using oiled screws to hold it all together. The theory is that I can remove the screws when it has set. I hope it works, because the screw holes are full of epoxy. I measured the diagonals and it is just about square. I have also just about cut some simple quarter knees, which I should be able to fit satisfactorily. They are really hard to make!

I have tested the 9mm ply I am going to use for the bottom, and it curves easily so shouldn't be a problem. I want to see if I can fit my mizzen mast and sail from Daisy G as a sailing rig. That will require a mast support and some form of lee/centre board.The alternative is to extend the floor outside the hull to form chine runners. Some people say they are brilliant, some say they just don't work. Both camps tend to slag each other off on the web. I shall make my own mind up.


  1. Hi Julian,
    Chine runners doubtlessly work : http://paradoxbuild-johanna.blogspot.com/ -> "Paradoxically Speaking", but only in complement of a huge rudder, and if the hull lines and heeling angle of the boat permit the whole hull to work as a lifting body : they are just flow separators.
    It could work with the shape of your dinghy, but maybe you would need more freeboard.

    Did you have a look at Sven Yrvind's new adventure ?


  2. I have followed Yrvind's boat building with interest. He is bobbing his way across the Atlantic as we write I think. I would need a bit more volume and comfort than he puts up with!

    I have abandoned the idea of chine runners for now. I think I will just try a simple lee board over the side. I am not at all sure how well this little boat would sail, if at all. I plan to use her primarily for rowing. (To be honest, I have no plans, I just wanted to build a boat!)