23 August 2011

First gunwhale on after two weeks work

The starboard gunwhale is clamped on and the espoxy is curing. This was really a filthy job, epoxy everywhere. I hope I managed to clear up most of it. I have used every clamp I have. If I want to do a serious bit of boat building I will need more, and powerful ones too. The second gunwhale is jambed in a bent position between daisy G's trailer and the shed wall and I have been toasting it with the hot air gun, which does seem to soften it. All being well I will fit the second one tomorrow. I have one screw in each end of each gunwhale and I think those will be the only ones left on the finished boat.

After the gunwhales the next job is smoothing and glassing the outside of the hull joints. Not looking forward to resin and fibreglass tape.

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