29 August 2011

End of season sail to Studland (13nm 359nm total

A sunny day, but cool. Wind in the NW and I went for a gentle sail, out into the open sea and across to Studland, where I anchored for lunch. Views of Old Harry rocks and the sail training Tall Ship Lord Nelson coming into Poole with people on the yard arms. It feels very much the end of the season. Boats just drifting about, most with paint work looking a bit scuffed.

I may be down again in September, but probably just to pack her up and bring her home. I sailed off my mooring and didn't use the engine at all until I had to battle the full ebb flow to get into the harbour entrance. Then I needed full power just to make 1kt against some of the current.

Mast support frame work on the dinghy is fully set, but needs surplus epoxy grinding off.


  1. End of season??! :o)

    Our club lift out is on the last weekend in October this year - 9 weeks of sailing to go yet (though I'm not sure how much we'll get in October!)...

    By the way - really enjoying the build on the dinghy.. can't wait to see her afloat...

  2. I know it isn't really the end of the season yet, but you can feel it approaching. Some like to sail through the winter, but I don't. I like a break from any activity. Then it is more fun to go back to it the next year.

    I think it will float. It is made of wood, after all! Whether it will do more than just float, we will have to wait and see.